• Experience A Personalised Treatment plan for Healthy Skin Ageing

  • Got skin concerns? Whether they are wrinkles, lines, loss of volume, pigmentation or redness, well-cared for skin needs support from a clinic that focuses skin health and skin rejuvenation.

    At MD Cosmetic and Skin, our team of Nurses and Dermal Therapists are advocates for self-care and feeling the best you can in the skin you’re in.

    Skin health is ever evolving. With seasons changing, and the ageing process takes it course, a treatment plan that incorporates both medical consultations and the latest rejuvenation therapies can help you achieve your skin goals.

  • Wrinkle Reduction


    As the most exposed area of the human body the face is prone to wrinkling. Numerous internal changes see skin become thinner, weaker and less elastic, while the supporting muscle, bone and fat decreases. External ageing changes that impact the skin can be sun damage, smoking and diet. Frequent facial/muscle expressions such as raising eyebrows, frowning, smiling and laughing produce lines which may become permanent as we age.


    Wrinkle reduction treatments help relax the muscles by preventing a chemical message leave the nerve to the muscle. This helps soften and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. After a period of time the messages restablish and movement will return. Wrinkle reduction treatments can be combined with a light facial, volumising or bioremodeler treatment on the same day to assist with skin hydration, volume and contour. Individual results may vary. A medical consultation is required prior to the first treatment to assess concerns, suitability and plan appropriate treatment.


  • Facial volumising treatment


    As we age there is progressive loss of facial fullness that can result in an uneven reduction of fat pads, loss of collagen, elastin and changes in bone density. Apart from the natural ageing process reducing facial volume other factors can be a shift in hormones, excessive UV exposure, weight loss, smoking and genetics.



    Volumising treatments can restore some of the lost volume and improve facial contours, while ensuring a smooth transition from one facial area to another and a balanced natural appearance. This medical treatment can be combined with wrinkle reduction or LED light therapy treatment in the same day. Individual results may vary. A medical consultation is required prior to the first treatment to assess concerns, suitability and provide an appropriate cosmetic aesthetic plan.


  • Skin Remodelling Treatment


    With age, collagen and elastin, as well as other components of skin responsible for youthful appearing skin such as hyaluronic acid, degrade over time. Skin becomes soft and less able to hold water. The ultimate result is the development of crepey skin with fine lines and wrinkles. Other factors that can accelerate this loss of elastin and collagen are excessive UV exposure, smoking, stress, menopause. Bio remodelling treatments unlike volumising treatments enhance the skins’ ability to retain moisture and stimulate both collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible improving skin firmness and elasticity.

    Bioremodellors can be used to treat:

    ·       Dull skin complexion

    ·       Dehydrated skin

    ·       Mild skin laxity

    ·       Skin texture irregularities

    Individual results may vary. A medical consultation is required prior to the first treatment to assess concerns, suitability and provide a cosmetic aesthetic plan.

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  • PDO MonoThreads 

    The treatment provides a non-surgical option to injectables to improve skin condition while stimulating collagen and elastin. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are fine single or multiple medical-grade absorbable threads inserted under the skin to improve skin texture, fine lines and facial contour. There are no barbs to cause damage to the skin. If skin elasticity is very saggy and facial volume is depleted/dropped, a referral to explore surgical options may provide the best outcome. For milder signs of ageing, PDO threads can be done as a preventative procedure or in conjunction with other treatments, such as dermal fillers to replace lost volume and laser to improve skin texture and tone.

    • The treatment improves skin quality and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production to smooth and support the face.

    • PDO Mono Threads provide a non-surgical improvement in areas such as frown and forehead lines (especially when anti-wrinkle treatment is not an option), eyebrows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, smile lines, marionettes or mouth frown, and jawline

    • The treatment focuses on enhancing the appearance of these specific face areas, providing a non-surgical option for improving skin quality and achieving a more youthful look without undergoing a surgical lift procedure.

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  • Aquagold

    AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is a revolutionary micro-channel skin needling device with 24ct gold plated needles, thinner than human hair, delivering custom solutions into the skin at an ideal depth for maximum effectiveness. Known as the 'Kim Kardashian Treatment', AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch improves skin quality, structure, and regeneration on a deeper dermal level. Named the Golden Cocktail Facial, it plumps and brightens the skin, improving texture, tone, pigmentation, lines, acne scarring, and more by stimulating collagen production. MD Cosmetic and Skin Clinic offer variations of this treatment, including the AQUAGOLD® Gold Cocktail and the AQUAGOLD® Facial for optimal results.

    • The treatment offers various "cocktails" or solutions addressing specific concerns and providing glowing, rejuvenated skin.

    • These solutions can target issues such as large pores, fine lines, hydration and plumping of the skin, pigmentation, and facial sweating.

    • The treatment is customisable and tailored to individual needs to achieve desired results for specific concerns or overall skin rejuvenation.

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  • Collagen Stimulating Treatment


    Collagen is an essential protein that forms the scaffolding of the skin that is responsible for firmness, elasticity, volume, and smoothness in the skin.


    As we age so do our collagen cells producing less collagen, leading to thinner skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Other factors that reduce collagen are UV exposure, smoking, stress, inflammaging and menopause.


    Collagen stimulators effectively improve face volume, address skin depressions and creases, enhance cheek and temple contours, tighten the skin, and improve overall skin quality and volume. Collagen stimulators do not provide immediate filling effects or target specific areas of the face like dermal fillers. Instead, they offer a more subtle and natural rejuvenation effect. Depending on the individual, collagen stimulators may last 24-36 months following a full course of treatment. Individual results may vary. A medical consultation is required prior to the first treatment to assess concerns, suitability and provide a cosmetic aesthetic plan.

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