Exosomes: Welcome to Regenerative Aesthetics

Exosomes: Welcome to Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative aesthetics is not just another buzzword but an exciting new field of skin rejuvenation and skin health restoration. With so many skin anti-ageing options it can be confusing as to what might be best, but this could provide a minimally invasive alternative for those unable to or not wishing to have neuromodulators/hyaluronic acid treatments or as an adjunct to address skin concerns such as wrinkles, skin texture, collagen depletion.

What are exosomes?
Tiny nano sized vesicles secreted by cells that are crucial in cell-to-cell communication. They contain biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids. This talking and transport to cells can slow down or be damaged with ageing sun damage and genetics. The technology improves this communication targeting the root causes of skin issues by promoting tissue regeneration and skin rejuvenation. The benefits from this can provide.
• Increased skin elasticity
• Improved collagen production
• Reduce the appearance of scarring and pigmentation

Some of the ways exosomes are utilised in skin treatments at MD Cosmetic and Skin:

Ultimate Skin Rehab Facial
A comfortable treatment that includes an enzyme and steam exfoliation followed by gently micro needling /stamping the exosomes into the skin. Improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, pores and skin tone.

Halo Treatment
Immediately after a Halo ablative laser treatment, the exosomes are applied to the area being absorbed quickly via the tiny laser channels. The growth factors and cytokines will speed up healing, reduce down'me and enhance the results.

Scar Treatment
Exosomes are gently micro needled into the skin stimulating new collagen and elastin reducing the appearance of scars.
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