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Spring Is Here – 5 Treatments Your Skin Needs Now!

The days are starting to get longer and warmer, and at this time of year, most people experience a noticeable change in their skin with the new season. Depending on your skin type, and whether you’ve spent most of your days either outside in the colder conditions or inside in central heating, your skin could be reacting to changes in temperatures.

As Spring approaches, it’s common to see allergies flair up skin, and skin become dry and dull. You don’t need to swap out your whole skincare routine, but many treatments can help your skin regain a glow for the new season.

Here are some treatments for different skin types that will brighten and refresh winter skin.

1. Medi Peel

With cold winds and dry heating, winter can wreak havoc with skin causing lots of problems with dry and dull skin.

A Medi Peel is a perfect treatment to consider to freshen up and revitalise a tired complexion. The treatment works by effectively sloughing away dead skin cells, leaving a smooth, hydrated and more beautiful appearance.

This non-invasive refining and resurfacing treatment helps to eliminate and rejuvenate the upper layers of the skin cells and dermis using botanical- and chemical-based peels, such as:

  • Enzymatic
  • Lactic, peptide & vitamin A
  • Glycolic

It’s also a good idea to book this before Summer hits because you’ll need some time post-treatment avoiding the sun and tanning products.

2. Skin Needling

If you’re looking for better skin than ever after winter hibernation, Skin Needling could be a good option. It’s perfect for bringing radiance back to lacklustre complexions after Winter.

Dermal needling is widely used for skin rejuvenation, usually using a hyaluronic serum to provide hydration and allow the needles to glide effortlessly over the skin.

Performing dermal needling with fibroblasts in a hyaluronic serum quickly quenches inflammation, providing rapid re-hydration to the upper layers of the skin, all while delivering healing growth factors to reduce the signs of ageing.

Common treatment areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Surgical/acne scarring

3. Hydra Facial

HydraFacial is the only procedure that combines cleansing, extraction and hydration simultaneously, resulting in clear, more beautiful skin with little to no downtime.

A Hydra Facial is ideal for resurfacing skin and rebuilding collagen. By using waves of energy to vibrate skin fibres, the facial will stimulate collagen production for a smooth, youthful appearance.

HydraFacial exfoliates dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously restoring skin hydration with a soothing paintbrush feel.

The treatment is performed using a vacuum-based skin tip, known as a Hydropeel tip which delivers specially formulated serums and also painless extractions on blocked pores.

4. BroadBand Light Skin Rejuvenation

BBL is an innovative skin treatment procedure that is the next generation of IPL (Intense Pulse Therapy). The treatment is non-invasive, and the method uses intense pulses of visible light to rejuvenate and improve the visible signs of sun damage and ageing, facial redness, flushing and acne.

BBL differs to a laser in that it uses the entire visible light spectrum in the form of filters to effectively and safely treat specific signs of ageing and various skin conditions, such as:

5. Laser Hair Removal

Shorter hemlines and sleeveless tops call for hair-free skin, and Spring is a perfect time to start laser hair removal so you can be ready to bare all once the temperatures heat up.  Super Hair Removal (SHR) uses IN-Motion™ technology for permanent hair reduction. The IN-Motion™ technology gently warms the skin and penetrates the energy down into the follicles at cooler temperatures than conventional IPL treatments.

Once you’ve got your Spring treatments sorted, another tip to consider for clear skin is Spring cleaning your makeup kits. People often don’t consider how much bacteria builds up in makeup containers and makeup applicators if not cleaned properly. Throw out any creamy or liquid products that have been sitting for a long time unused or are over six months old because they could have a build-up of bacteria.

The bacteria can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin. Also, makeup brushes and applicators need to be cleaned or replaced as they can store unwanted germs and affect healthy skin leading to breakouts.

For more information on Spring treatments or to make a booking at our clinic in Maroochydore, call us today!