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Our online store has the skincare and beauty products you need to maintain your skin in-between treatments. We’ve sourced the latest, scientifically proven products for all skin types and conditions.

Your daily skincare routine needs to be natural but active to:

  • Gently remove old skin cells and allow new ones to surface.
  • Provide protection and fight free radicals due to environmental factors, UV rays and lifestyle choices.
  • Repair & hydrate the skin barrier
  • Stimulate new cells & collagen

If your current skincare doesn’t offer all these benefits, we recommend changing your products and routine. With our extensive selection of products, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re after.

NeoGenesis Skincare

NeoGenesis Skincare is 100% Australian owned and operated offering exceptional value for money and scientifically proven results. Its biomimetic formula is designed to rebuild and resurrect healthy skin function. The range works by stimulating physiological change within skin cells to reverse the damage caused by extrinsic factors. NeoGenesis delivers healthier and safer skincare solutions without any parabens, SLS, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colours, sulphates or scents and is also cruelty-free. The aim of NeoGenesis is to regenerate and reveal your most beautiful skin, by utilising advanced applied science technologies.


Getting older is certainly a challenge for most men and women, not only because it causes the skin to age, but also due to its impact on the body. The aging process often prevents most men and women from experiencing the quality of life that they’re familiar with, usually meaning that they need to adapt to situations that may not be as conductive to their desired lifestyle. The good news is that new research suggests that there are anti-aging solutions out there that may just work well to not only help men and women overcome the impact of aging on their skin, but also their general health.

What is TimeBlock Anti-aging Supplement?

TimeBlock Anti-aging Supplement is a powerful, all-natural anti-ageing formula developed in Switzerland. It features potent ingredients sourced from superfoods harvested internationally which make up the Telomer Complex. The ingredients in this supplement have been specifically chosen to enhance the body aesthetically, physically and mentally. Dissimilar from most anti-ageing products on the market, this supplement is derived from superfoods.


It’s never too late to save your skin. Skin cancer, skin damage and premature ageing can be prevented. The Allmedic skincare skin health cycle involves 7 steps which are:

1. Full skin check

2. Education

3. Treatment plan

4. Protection & prevention

5. Maintenance

6. Monitor

7. Skin review with doctor

We recommend getting your skin checked annually, as well as if you see changes, such as a:

• New spot that’s different from other spots around it

• Spot, mole or unusual freckle that’s changed in size, shape or colour

• Sore that doesn’t heal

• Skin spot that you’re worried about

If you would like to have a skin check you have the following options:

• See a general practitioner

• Visit a skin cancer clinic

• Obtain a referral to see either a dermatologist or skin specialist

Allmedic is a skin health company owned and formulated by a team of Australian doctors and scientists who are passionate about skin repair products and treatments. The Allmedic product range has been developed exclusively by doctors for doctors and is affordable, simple and effective. With clinical-grade cleansers, skin repair and protection products, it’s designed to be used in sequence and is suitable for men and women of all skin types. The products are fragrance-free, biologically active and free of phthalates, parabens, artificial colourants and sodium lauryl sulphate. All skin types will benefit from this range including: mild, moderate and severe sun damaged, aged and blemished skin will benefit from the Allmedic product range, which is exclusively available at doctors’ and cosmetic clinics only.

The Allmedic skincare regime is simple:

  1. Cleanse to remove oil, makeup, dirt & pollution

  2. Exfoliate to increase cell turnover & restore skin pH

  3. Repair & protect the treated skin

Skin Workout

Corrective skin treatments start in a cosmetic and skincare clinic, with treatment results maintained at home for the best results. These booster treatments give your skin a “workout” using medical-strength products that work skin-deep to return the skin to its normal function. A course of treatments every 1 to 2 weeks is sufficient to change cell’s behaviour and then monthly to keep on track.

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