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Benefits of Hydrafacials Explained

When you were looking for an improved type of facial, you want something that gives you amazing results in a very short time.

When you come to MD Cosmetic and Skin Clinic, a specialist in skincare and cosmetic treatments, you can experience the fast benefits of hydrafacials, which will give you the benefits of a top-quality skin treatments in very quickly.

When you come to our skin clinic on the Sunshine Coast, you will get a great experience that can give you extra confidence and a better facial experience.

How does the hydrafacial work?

This is a specialist technology that is designed to cleanse your skin, exfoliate, eliminate congestion in pores, and provide your skin with nourishing serums.

We use a special delivery system which pushes the serum deep into your skin, allowing it to retain important nutrients including peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

The system works more rapidly than traditional facial treatments, so you don’t have to wait for results.

Gentle and nourishing

If you have sensitive skin, then you may have avoided facials in the past because they have been too harsh for your skin.

Our hydrafacial system can be gentle enough to allow even the most sensitive of skins to receive our skin treatment.

Our serums are designed to give you a better skin tone, clean oily or congested areas of skin, and generally improve the appearance of skin on your face.

So if you have specific issues, such as eczema or psoriasis, this facial could be a good place to start.

The benefits of treatment

After you have had this facial treatment, you are likely to feel that your skin is brighter and fresher, and this will give you an improved level of confidence for the foreseeable future.

When you come away from a hydrafacial treatment at MD Cosmetic and Skin Clinic, you will experience the pleasure of feeling your skin being cleaned thoroughly by our expert teams.

Benefit from expert treatments

Alongside our fast hydrafacials, our skin clinic on the Sunshine Coast can offer you LED light treatments, cosmetic injectables, facial peels, micro needling, IV nutrition and cosmetic tattooing among others.

If you are interested in receiving treatments from our team, you can send us a message now using our online contact form to provide your details, or speak directly to the team about booking a one-on-one consultation at our clinic by calling 0400-400-982 today.