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8 New Year resolutions for anti-aging

It’s safe to say most of us are waiting for a fresh start to the New Year, and the past year has been a year packed with confusion, stress, worry and unhealthy habits that may have caused us to age more than we know.

Many studies have concluded that stress caused by depression, social isolation, long-term unemployment and financial hardship can speed up the aging process shortening DNA strands.

Every human has 46 chromosomes, and each one has a protective end called a telomere which becomes shorter when it’s weakened. As we age these naturally become weakened, but stress can prematurely cause these telomeres to become structurally weakened which causes things like crow’s feet, wrinkles, sagging skin, grey hair and other signs of premature aging.

While aging is part of life, there are some ways to shed those layers of dull skin, reduce wrinkles and generally help combat the effects of stress so you can bring in the New Year feeling fresh and revitalised.

Here are our top 8 skincare tips that will make you feel like you’ve just taken years off your age.

Swap hot showers with cooler water

It’s tempting always to have a hot shower, but over summer your skin can be extremely dehydrated and hot water tends to strip the skin of its natural oils. Apply a shower lotion or body oil in the shower to keep moister in and avoid dehydrating face scrubs and cleansers which can aggravate stressed skin.

Consider cosmetic injectables

Anti-wrinkle injectables don’t necessarily have to be used to eradicate wrinkles altogether. If applied correctly, they can have a softening effect to wrinkles by freezing the muscles to reduce the appearance of fines lines. They are especially effective on the worry areas of the face, such as the crow’s feet around the eyes and frown lines on the forehead. Dermer Fillers are another way to minimise the damage created by losing collagen and aging. Dermal fillers are an aesthetic gel-based cosmetic treatment injected into the skin. They can be used to reshapes features, restore volume and hydrate age affected skin.

Go to bed earlier

A study done by UCLA researchers discovered that just a single night of insufficient sleep could make older adults’ cells age quicker. Studies have shown that lack of sleep over several years can add years of age to your complexion. A good eight hours a night will help your skin repair itself, so it looks bright and glowing come morning.

Use Light Therapy

If needles are not your thing, Broadband Light Skin Rejuvenation (BBL), an innovative skin treatment procedure that is the next generation of Intense Pulse Therapy (IPT) might be. BBL differs to a laser in that it uses the entire visible light spectrum in the form of filters to effectively and safely treat specific signs of ageing and various skin conditions.

Use hand cream

Your hands and face are two parts of your body that are exposed the most to the elements and the first to age. We tend to moisturise our face and use a hat and sunglasses to protect our face but tend to forget about our hands. Our hands are also exposed to more sun damage due to being exposed while driving, and that we tend not to apply sunscreen to the back of our hands like we do our face.

Our hands are also under constant water with washing hands which dries out the skin, so it’s essential to keep hydrating your hands with a good hand moisturiser.

Preserve your skin with hydrating facials

Facials are the perfect way to rejuvenate tired, sluggish and dull skin and help close pores, boost cell renewal and increase collagen all which can help combat the signs of aging and stressed skin. Different kinds of facials can treat specific skin ailments in addition to hydration and anti-aging. Some other benefits of facials can help treat acne, rosacea, sun damage, scarring, and inflammation.

Reduce your sugar intake

There is a natural process called glycation, which is when sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins to produce harmful free radicals that harm the skin. The more sugar you eat, the more of these harmful radicals you can develop and they can be so damaging to your skin, that you could create a whole range of issues including skin rashes, inflammation, rosacea, acne and more. Some studies suggest that sugar is more harmful to your skin than lying in the sun, so reducing the amount of sugar your intake could be as beneficial as applying sunscreen and keeping out of direct sunlight in the hottest times of the day.

Swap coffee for green tea

Coffee is known for dehydrating the skin. Even if you replace just one cup with green tea, you’ll be doing your skin a big favour. Greet tea still has caffeine, but without the dehydration properties, and it’s packed with antioxidants. Tea is rich in polyphenols, which are natural compounds that have lots of health benefits like reducing inflammation, preventing cell damage and helping to fight cancer.

Bring in the New Year with a positive step forward for your skin. At MD Cosmetic and Skin Clinic, we have a range of treatments we can advise to set up your New Year skincare routine. Call us today for the right treatment and let us help you fight anti-aging.